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Car servicing in Trowbridge

When you need to service your car you shouldn’t pay dealer prices. With us you get the same level of skill and experience as the mechanics at your local dealer. You also get cheap car servicing with us, as other competitors  can't match our prices. And you get better customer service with us. This is because we trade on our reputation so you can be sure that we will always be professional, friendly and honest.


We service all makes and model of car and it won't affect your warranty. Plus we can stamp your service book.

Let us look after your car

Servicing your car with us will help maintain its value and keep it running smoothly. If we find any problems we will let you know and if you decide we can also fix them. We offer a collection and delivery service so that your car service appointment causes as little disruption to your day as possible. So if you want a top quality car service at a competitive price call today on 01225 781 009.

Expert car servicing and low prices

Why pay a dealer when you can get it for less?

a mechanic servicing a car engine