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Brake replacements in Trowbridge

Brakes and clutches are parts of your car that wear out over time. We specialise in maintaining, adjusting, repairing and replacing both. If your problem is with your brakes we can replace your brake drums, pads or discs. If your handbrake is pulling too high or is not holding we can adjust or replace it. Plus we can carry out routine maintenance of your brakes to ensure they are working as they should.


This maintenance includes removing dirt and dust from your brake drums and ensuring your brake fluid levels are correct.

New clutch replacements

If your clutch is slipping or juddering as you change gear you probably need a new clutch. We have expertise in all makes of car and because we are an independent garage you get two things, low prices and a high quality personal service. We can also fix other problems with your car and do its regular service. For all car repairs, including issues with your clutch or brakes, call 01225 781 009.

Clutch and brake repairs and replacements

Plus maintenance and adjustments

mechanic fitting a new clutch