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When to get a diagnostic check

- If warning lights display on your dashboard

- If your car is difficult to start

- When you see a lot of smoke coming from your exhaust

- If your car is sluggish when you accelerate

- If your engine is overheating

- If your car stalls or your engine misfires

- If anything else is different to normal


We have the computerised equipment to carry out engine diagnostic checks on all common makes and model of car.

Car diagnostics in Trowbridge

Modern cars are complicated machines so vehicle fault testing requires the right expertise and the right equipment.  You don't have to pay over the odds to get your car diagnosed . We offer a dealer level service at independent level prices. That means you get a top quality job for less and you get the personal service only available from an independently owned garage. So if you have a problem with your car call 01225 781 009 today.

Is your car running like it should be?

Our car diagnostics service will find the fault

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