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Gearbox repairs in Trowbridge

If you have a problem with your car's gearbox we can help. Common problems include finding it difficult to get your car into gear, hearing strange noises, or experiencing gear slippage. Whatever problem you are having we have the equipment and expertise to diagnose and fix it. We are experienced in working on all makes of car and can repair your gearbox if possible and replace it if necessary.


We pride ourselves on our reputation, something we built with high standards of work at low prices. You will get this too.

Exhaust replacements and repairs

We offer the same level of service if your problem is with your exhaust. Faulty exhausts are unsafe, uncomfortable and expensive as they reduce your fuel efficiency.


We can fix your current exhaust and we can also fit a new exhaust to your car. Whatever we do we will keep the costs low. If you have a problem with your car’s gearbox, exhaust or anything else contact us today on 01225 781 009.

Exhaust and gearbox repairs

Great service and great prices

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